About Us

Who are we? We are an Evangelical Free Church which has been in existence for over 160 years. We seek to provide a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come to know, love, serve and worship God.

What do we believe? We believe the Bible is the word of God and seek to live our lives by its teachings. We believe that God in His great love sent His Son the Lord Jesus into the world to save us from our sins. We believe that the Lord Jesus died on the cross of Calvary and rose again from the dead to save His people from their sin. This means that all who trust in Him for their salvation are forgiven all their sins and have eternal life through His name.

What do we do in our meetings? Our services are very simple. We bring our prayers and worship to God in a time of singing, and then we hear preaching and teaching from the Bible. Our services typically last about an hour and a quarter. We frequently have people in our meetings who are not Christians. We welcome them warmly and trust and pray that God will speak to them through the Bible. We are known for our friendliness and warm welcome. Why not come one Sunday and see for yourself?

What will you be required to do in a service? We do not ask anyone to do anything specifically. You are very welcome to just come along and join us. No attention is ever drawn to anyone and no one is ever asked to do anything they would not wish to do. We trust that you will enjoy singing with us, though it does not matter if you do not know the songs. We also trust that you will enjoy listening to preaching and teaching from the Bible.

What do we teach in our church? The simple answer is we preach Christ. We preach that Jesus Christ came here to earth to show us the love of God. We preach that He died to deliver us from the penalty of sin and the power of sin. We preach that by His death He saves all who come to Him from the penalty of sin and brings them into the kingdom of God and makes them the children of God. This is why Christ is at the centre of our faith. It is because He is the Saviour whom God sent into the world to save us from our sins. He is the Saviour who cleanses us from our sin and brings us into fellowship with God. All who come to God through faith in Christ are received as the beloved children of God.

Perhaps you do not usually attend church and perhaps you think that there is nothing here for you. The truth, however, is that we preach a message that you need to hear. You need to hear what the Bible teaches about Christ so that you may be saved from your sins. Perhaps as you read these words you have many other questions that you would like to ask. If so we would be delighted to meet with you and speak to you from the Bible. You would be most welcome to come to one of our services. Alternatively, if you would like someone to come and visit you then please contact us. We would be delighted to come and see you and speak to you more on these matters.

Why not join us for our Sunday services or Wednesday evening Bible study and prayer meeting. You will find more information about our services and events on our Meetings page.

During the Summer months we occasionally meet for Songs of Praise at Clevedon Bandstand and then for tea at the chapel afterwards. All are welcome.

Sukesh Pabari: 01275 791149 or 07914813660
email: pastor@copseroadchapel.org.uk